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  • When writing a grammar, it is difficult to imagine (especially in the big grammars) all the connections and internal states that will be generated by the parser generator.
    Tunnel Grammar Studio (TGS) is a parser generator which provides a visualization of your grammars as automata. For debugging purposes, in real-time, with the help of the graphical unit interface, the developer can step by step, forward and backward, observe the creation of the syntax tree (generic, abstract or concrete) for the supplied in
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  • Usually the parser generators provide a wide range of libraries with the generated parsers to ensure the compatibility with the different compilers and runtime environments. Tunnel Grammar Studio is a parser generator which generates stand-alone parsers. At the end of the parsing machine compilation process there is only a C++ source code which can be compiled by a C++ compiler that supports at least the C++98 standard. The generated to a source code parsing machines are using the standard C++ library for v
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  • Unicode support should be a default feature in any parser generator, but many of them are using their custom non-standard syntax that requires care to support Unicode. Some are allowing at most 16 bit Unicode code points in the grammar syntax, that forces the developer to write per byte Unicode character recognition.
    Tunnel Grammar Studio is using the Augmented BNF (ABNF) Internet Standard 68 syntax, defined in RFC 5234 and updated by RFC 7405 for case-sensitive string support. It allows the developer direct
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  • More and more devices in current times are multi-core and it requires the software developers to integrate up-to-date solutions for the programs running on these devices to satisfy the user expectations for a high performance.
    Tunnel Grammar Studio generates parsers that can be run in a single thread (executed in steps or till completion: error/success) or in up to three threads for multi-threaded parsing, where each thread operates on specific part of the parsing pipeline.
    This technology provides more speed
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  • Tunnel Grammar Studio can generate a parser from an ABNF grammar. Later on, the generated parser, as a part of the client software, will perform the parsing on the supplied user input. Often the structure of parsers, whatever mechanism they use, prevent them from identifying the error type and location precisely. Tunnel Grammar Studio has build in options to generate parsers with different error detection mechanisms. Before the compilation there are multiple options to be chosen: error location tracking, th
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