More and more devices in current times are multi-core and it requires the software developers to integrate up-to-date solutions for the programs running on these devices to satisfy the user expectations for a high performance.
Tunnel Grammar Studio generates parsers that can be run in a single thread (executed in steps or till completion: error/success) or in up to three threads for multi-threaded parsing, where each thread operates on specific part of the parsing pipeline.
This technology provides more speed for parsing large grammars, that are available for advanced domain specific languages and serialized data structures. The tasks in the generated parsing machines are simultaneous and parallelized, so the usage of the available CPU cores is better. There is 5 different architectures of the Parsing Machine, based on its 3 main modules: Lexer - the lexical analysis that groups characters into tokens, Parser - that is recognizing the tokens as a valid sequence of the language and the Builder - that constructs the abstract or concrete syntax tree.

For more information: Tunnel Grammar Studio
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