Tunnel Grammar Studio can generate a parser from an ABNF grammar. Later on, the generated parser, as a part of the client software, will perform the parsing on the supplied user input. Often the structure of parsers, whatever mechanism they use, prevent them from identifying the error type and location precisely. Tunnel Grammar Studio has build in options to generate parsers with different error detection mechanisms. Before the compilation there are multiple options to be chosen: error location tracking, the found erroneous token and, the possible valid tokens that were expected at this location. There are different options how the error location will be reported: line/char offset - the location structure contains line and Unicode character offset in the line, code point and byte offsets from the input stream start. Each automatically generated syntax tree (abstract or concrete) node may have its own start/final location information at the input stream. For the visitor syntax tree architect model, on each event (start/final for rules, groups and tokens) the current input location is dynamically available, which makes it easy to generate custom syntax trees.

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